Celebrating my journey of motherhood



Dear ‘You‘,

After I gave birth to this little angel my life was around her and so was my social media updates. I was so addicted to her that even her mischievousness would bring a huge smile on my face and without my knowledge I used to record it. That’s what all new parents do. Its all about capturing that memorable moment for life. Some would love to share it and some would love to treasure it.

One day, I shared a very cute video on social media and everyone loved it. I received many personal messages saying they would wait to see my little ones  funny yet cute videos. That’s what made me post her pictures and videos very often.

Then out of blue, the very people I knew would pass a comment saying –

“Your Facebook update will be about your daughter all the time!”

“Is she the only one with a child?”

“That’s too much of a show off!”.

So this letter is for all those people who have an opinion for everything under the sky!

Dear YOU – If you dislike seeing my updates beaming about my daughter every now and then, there’s an option every darn social media provides and its just a click away –


Dear YOU – I have always bragged about MY daughter and not anyone else to offend a person at the first place.

Dear YOU – It’s my personal space and I have all the right in the world to post what I want, what I love about, what I am passionate about and what I want the world to know! If you are so bored with what I update, you are free to walk away (oh yeah! without dropping your baggage of crap/unwanted opinion).

Dear YOU – Or you could be so covetous that you just cannot see the positive side of motherhood.

Dear YOU – Please get a life!

Finally haters gonna hate! All I need are few supportive people rather than a herd of confounding heads. Having said that, I will rest my case here.


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