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How Motherhood Has Changed Me

How Motherhood Has Changed Me

When I heard about this blog train “How motherhood has changed me“, to be honest a thousand things gushed through my mind. There were positive ones and so there were negatives. I have never felt that motherhood is a bed of roses with a photographic moments everyday. Motherhood is all about love, care, breakdown and over-protectiveness.

From being that care free newly married to this responsible mother of a toddler, life has definitely changed from then to now. I totally love the person I am today and I am proud for what I am.



Here are some reasons how motherhood has changed me:

  1.  I am an early bird now.
  2. My breakfast was all about cereals, noodles or sometimes I would just live on coffee but now as soon as I open my eye I am in the kitchen cooking breakfast for my little one.
  3.  My day was all about marathon TV series which has turned into marathon activity time now.
  4.  I have realized the fact that my little one will be waiting for my love and hug every minute of the day.
  5.  I love special days and I am that person who can go to any extent to surprise people I love, but, after I was blessed with this little miniature me, I can hardly get things done.
  6. Weekends were all about pub hopping, eating left overs, watching late night movies and now weekends are dedicated for cleaning that messy home.
  7.  Motherhood changed me from an OCD maniac to messy house dweller.
  8.  Surprise trips was an exciting getaway before but now a trip comes with a lot of planning and packing.
  9. My priorities have changed. Anything and everything I decide, my daughter is the priority.
  10. The level of patience has increased exponentially.
  11. Handbag with lipsticks and eyeliner is now filled with diapers and wipes.
  12. The sight of baby poop gives me a sigh of relief every morning.
  13. Search history is changed from makeup tutorials to baby food recipes.

Motherhood has changed me for good. I realized there are other important aspects in life than a clean house or a romantic date. I thank motherhood for changing me to the person I am today. As a mother I have become more patient, more compassionate and more loving. It has made me as gentle as a flower to understand ones feeling at the first look of a person.

Before I end I have an epigram to express my thoughts:

When life moves from movies, coffee shops, shopping sprees to zoos, candy stores and play parks, it’s a sign that we are growing younger.

When laptops, mobiles and remotes are replaced by Lego, teddy and fire engines it’s a sign that life is getting more adventurous.

When rock, pop and jazz give way to rhymes, lullabies and crazy dance it’s a sign that life is getting lighter and merrier.

When lipsticks become crayons and crayons become wall paints
it’s a sign that life got a tad more colorful.

When dining rooms become war zones and bedtimes become story times it’s a sign that life became more balanced.

When Birkins carry diapers and
Hermes carry milk stains it’s a sign that life suddenly became amusing.

When Disney princesses and commando cops become more precious than solitaires it’s sign that life has become truly priceless.

When days become the longest and nights the shortest it’s a sign that I have started living.



This post is a part of the blog train- 2 started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies where she has brought together mothers from across the globe. Do read her blog post on How Motherhood has changed me – http://www.themumsandbabies.com/2017/09/how-motherhood-has-changed-me/ and more on the blog train here.

I want to thank Anisha Agrawal of Momzdiary for introducing me and I invite Dhanya Prajesh to board the train with me to share her valuable views on the same.

Dhanya Prajesh is a doctor by profession and a mother to 1 year old rainbow boy on earth and 2 angels in heaven. She is a cervical imcompetence fighter and a proud TAC mom. She enjoys spring breezes, chirping birds, blooming flowers and to get cozy with a coffee and good book to read. Dhanya is new to blogging and the blog was started to share helpful insights and resources about cervical incompetence and TAC. She is passionate about wonders of motherhood and creating a happy home and her blog reflects that its about motherhood.

Read here: https://dhanyasuresh.wordpress.com/


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