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My Love Affair At The Chai Table

My Love Affair At The Chai Table

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My day starts with a cup of tea and that makes it perfect. Tea plays an important role for my mood-swings as my husband knows what he has to do to cheer me up. Be it a vacation, grocery shopping or a road trip, my day doesn’t start or end without tea. There are a lot of memories around the tea table which I would love to share but the most important of all is how those tea times have changed now.

Before LittleD came into our lives, evening tea time was my favorite part of the day. As soon as the clock struck four my heart beat would raise. Yay, it’s time for my hugsband to get back home. I would prepare hot ginger tea and wait for his arrival. We would watch few Tv series and have an endless talk about how our day was. I would lose track of time and so did he.

Now that we have a baby, things have changed. There are days he prepares tea for the both of us. It has been ages we both sat together to have a cup of tea, talking, because one person has to be on toes to take care of the little munchkin. How I miss those days!


An Epigram for my love affair with “Chai”:

Every morning I open my eye thinking about you amour,
The redolence you effuse makes me want you more.
I get off the bed to open the kitchen door,
Only to see you waiting for me in the drawer.
I come up to you with all my heart as I adore.
I pick my favorite teapot and in I pour some water,
Then goes milk and sugar.

There I stand on my toe like I am yet to win a war.
I feel it’s taking a bit longer and I cannot wait anymore.
Finally done and guess what, it’s a score!
I Sit back on the chair to take a sip therefore.
Aaaaahhh! An obeisance to CHai-My Savior.


What is your chai time memory? Share in the comments section below?

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