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Play Shifu: Merging of digital and physical worlds

Play Shifu: Merging of digital and physical worlds

Play Shifu is an augmented reality game for kids. Which is an integration of visual game and audio content with the users environment in real-time. It is an interactive game for children of age 2-10 years, ensuring fun and learning at the same time. Parents who worry about screen time can just have a sigh of relief as this genius innovation can convert just a rhyme time into learning. It works with all Android and iOS devices. Play Shifu is designed by early childhood experts and parents which innovatively combines mobile devices and physical play.

Where Can I buy Play Shifu:

Play shifu is available in Amazon and flipkart with amazing affordable prices.

To buy from Amazon.in: https://www.amazon.in/stores/page/77511C7D-2C31-424A-BB22-282361BAA667

To buy from Flipkart: https://www.flipkart.com/toys/educational-toys/learning-toys/shifu~brand/pr?sid=mgl,u35

To directly buy from their website: https://www.playshifu.com?utm_source=allaboutmommying


What other variants can I buy?

Play Shifu has two variants of 20 cards and 60 cards box which is INR 299 and INR 749 respectively.

The 20 card box and 60 card box has different themes like Aquatic &Aerial animals, Terrestrial animals, Space, Profession, Vehicles etc.. The one in the picture below is Shifu Wildlife Jeep Safari which came with 20 cards of different terrestrial animals.

A Peek inside the Play Shifu Box:


Our Shifu Wildlife Jeep Safari came in a sturdy cylindrical box which had 20 animal cards, activation code and a mobile/tablet stand. The cards were in good condition which survived my daughters nibbling and curiosity. The board cards had beautiful illustration of animals which were bright and beautiful.

How to install:

  1. Install Play Shifu app in your android/ iOS device.
  2. Use the activation code provided and initiate the game in your device.
  3. Place the card behind the camera and you are good to go. Enjoy the 3D appearance of the animals.

What else does the game have:

  1. The game has ‘Feed me quiz’ to learn what each animal eats.
  2. Watch the animals in their natural habitat and making their distinct sounds.
  3. Stretch your childs vocabulary through fun Spelling & Pronunciation game.

Do I recommend?

I definitely recommend this to your kids. It does replace the screen time with an informative learning. The animals and their sounds are very clear and attractive for the kids to enjoy. The colors are very bright and kids will love it. The game also doesn’t need an active internet connection or Bluetooth. You can use it on the go and transit.  But the only con is that it needs a mobile device handy.


Recently I traveled alone with my daughter and how I wish I knew about this game way early. It would have saved my energy and sanity in a 21 hour flight.

Have you tried play shifu earlier?

You can get in touch with them personally via social media:

Instagram – @playshifu
Twitter – @PlayShifu
Do let me know your views in the comments section below.
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