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Activity for Toddlers: Fun and educational

Activity for Toddlers: Fun and educational

Toddler activity is quite a tricky thing to deal with. Some might me very interesting but they might end up disliking it. Some might me very challenging and yet they like it. We should always go with their flow. Never force a child to do an activity if they are least interested. This only increases agitation and tantrums. Instead give them their space and time to start over again.

Never stop a child from exploring things. I know it gets messy but it is worth it. Eventually they will learn but patience is very important. Always keep it simple. Simple activities works best. Do not invest on buying materials for the activity instead pick something from your storage which you do not use often.

I will update this list every time a new activity comes to mind


Your handbag is usually filled with items which fascinate your little one. If you watch they will be so persistent to just dig in your bag where ever it is.

So lets use the same idea and create an activity for them.

Things you will need:

An old handbag (which you are not fond off may be) , different items like a card holder, small ball, blocks, unused cards, empty containers, empty makeup containers, an old unused wallet. Make sure all items are bug enough so that your little one cannot swallow or choke on them.

What you need to do:

Carry this handbag when you go outside where the visit involves waiting, or you need some time off at home or when you want to introduce new words to your toddler. Every time your toddler finds an item you can tell him/her what it is and what is is used for.

Why is this useful:

This activity develops fine motor skills to the baby as it involves picking up things from the handbag. Helps your toddler learn new words as well when you are explaining what it is every time they pick an item. This also helps in relating a word to the thing they pick. Next time they will know what a “Key” is or what a “wallet” is.

Hope this activity was fun and helpful. Do let me know if your child like it in the comments section below. I will come back with more activities. Watch this space.

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