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Baby products I swear by: To make your first year of parenthood a lot easier

Baby products I swear by: To make your first year of parenthood a lot easier

When there is a baby coming home then it is time for some endless shopping. There were times I went blank without any knowledge about what to buy. How I wish then someone had made a list to know what worked for them. I was contemplating to write a blog post from a long time about what were the best baby products which helped me the most. Here it goes.

We were in India till my daughter turned 4 months and then moved to USA. So here I will be listing down the products I thought was worth it from both my stay in India as well as US.


I will be updating this baby products list every time I come across a must have


1. Tedibar Bathing Bar (India)

The Tedibar bathing bar was prescribed by our pediatrician at the hospital. It was a very gentle product with no strong odor. I used to pick this up from a local pharmacy. But now it’s available on amazon as well.

image source: amazon.in

2. Baby Carrier

This was THE BEST investment. I took a pre loved Kol Kol baby carrier and my sister passed over her ring sling from Soul Sings. They are still very useful. Always pick an ergonomic one which will be safe for both mother and baby posture while you carry them.

3. Cetaphil

Cetaphil wash and shampoo was a pocket friendly yet worthy product I found. I must add that this was the best product which worked wonders on my daughters dry skin.

image source: amazon.com


4. Nose Frida

Nose Frida is one of my best investments. It is worth every penny. From the time she was 4 months old till date its in her medicine kit all the time. I keep it handy. It reduces discomfort with the blocked nose so fast that they sleep peacefully the whole night. It is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it. If someone wants to gift a newborn baby something I think this should be your first pick.

image source: amazon.com

5. Aquaphor

A tub of Aquaphor (14 Oz) comes up to a minimum of 3 months, even after you use it frequently. It is so useful during both winter and summer and works like a charm for diaper rash as well. It is a little greasy, but that should be totally OK.

image source: amazon.com

6. Summer Infant Finger Toothbrush

One of the best baby products I can say. I am still using it for my daughter. It is safe as it is made of BPA free and FDA approved materials. The finger toothbrush can be used to clean their teeth and their tongue. It can massage baby’s gums, help them relieve teething discomfort.

image source: amazon.com

7. Fisher Price booster seat

Booster seats are a bit pricey yet very useful. I started using it for my daughter at 6th month and we still use it. When they grow out of it you can use it as a toddler seat as well. Never hesitate to invest in a booster seat as it can be used longer than you expect.

image source: amazon.com

8. Summer Infant Pop n Play

Pop n Play was given to us as a gift but trust me when I say this, it has been a life savior for us. When I need to do any household chores I will know my child is safe inside the pop n play. It works best for both outdoors and indoors.  Airy mesh sides provide added visibility and it is easy to clean up.

image source: amazon.com

9. Baby Traveler Back Seat mirror

It is a mandate rule in the US for infants to be in a car seat rear facing. Initially it was a huge task for us to get her accustomed to the car seat. That’s when this back seat mirror came handy. We could see her and she could see us too and it solved our problem.

image source: amazon.com

10. Chicco Baby Nail Scissors

I would always advice to use nail scissors over clippers as it safe and avoids cute. Infants nails are very delicate and a scissor does the work better than a clipper. Chicco nail scissors was so useful and safe for our grooming session.

image source: amazon.com

I have listed down a few baby products which were worth every penny. I shall update this list when I find other products. If you have any such products in mind do let me know in the comments section below so that I can add them in the list.

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