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Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D: Augmented reality game

Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D: Augmented reality game

Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D is an innovative game for kids to play, learn and interact with animals on iOS and Android devices. Augmented reality game cards when scanned with Tablet/ Phone bring animals in 4D environment. Children experience real like animals on Tablet/Phone, hear sound of animals, and learn behavior of different wild, domestic & aquatic animals.

Where Can you buy:

Aurodo is available in Amazon and flipkart with amazing affordable prices.

To buy from Amazon.in click here

To buy from Flipkart click here

To directly buy from their website: https://www.aurodo.com

A Peek inside the Aurodo box:



The new generation children are smarter than we were as children. More evolved techniques are required to help them learn. Scientists have proved that children learn better by visualizing and interacting with objects or text. They create immersive learning experiences through augmented reality to help children learn better and faster.

The box came with 32 animal cards, a tablet/mobile stand and a portable carry pouch.

The app also consists of other features like

  • Learn spellings
  • Rotate and see them from various sides.
  • Touch and understand their behaviours with action and sounds.

How to install:

  1. Install Aurodo pocket zoo 4D app in your android/ iOS device.
  2. Activate your android or iOS device using the scratch card.
  3. Scan the animal card and enjoy the 4D appearance of the animals.




Do I recommend?

Of course I do, if a little screen time which I give can be replaced by something informative then why not? Children these days need practical learning and this augmented reality game exactly does that. Kids are sharp enough to grasp things when they look at it and learn. They can have a closer look at the animal and their behavior. When I visited the zoo last time I could not see most of the animals there as they never came out of their shelters. Isn’t this a beautiful solution for all that?

Thumbs Up:

  1. Informative and very detailed explanation.
  2. Carry bag provided is very useful during transit.
  3. It is user-friendly and interactive for the kids.
  4. Great learning experience.

Thumbs Down:

  1. The only drawback for this game was, the cards were not sturdy enough and my little one ended up folding a few of them.



Do let me know your views in the comments section below.
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