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Handbag Essentials: 7 Must-haves when you head out with toddlers to run errands

Handbag Essentials: 7 Must-haves when you head out with toddlers to run errands

Stepping out with kids, comes a lot of planning and packing. Newborn baby needs a dedicated diaper bag and as they grow up ‘What goes in the handbag’ gradually change. On one hand, if you are happy that you need not carry a lot of stuff for the child, on the other hand, all we will have in mind is to keep our little one germ-free and infection-free. Your handbag takes charge of the diaper bag once they are into toddler-hood.

Even a shortest visit to a grocery store gets very strenuous as it involves packing for poop accidents or quick snack time. Having said that once your child enters toddler-hood it’s a breather, as you can get rid of the heavy diaper bag and flaunt your favorite handbag (with necessary must-haves for your munchkin of course).

Lately, I have started to use a “ready to pick handbag” and it is working like a charm. Whenever I have to head out with the little one all I have to do is pick this bag and grab my wallet/mobile phone.



You want to know what goes in my handbag?

  • Pee safe

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Public toilet is a nightmare when I think about urinary tract infections and that’s why I am always skeptical about using public toilets when I go out. That is when I discovered PeeSafe, a toilet seat sanitizer which eradicates 99.9% germs and deodorizes the toilet. A light weight bottle of PeeSafe is the perfect companion even while travelling. It is easy and hassle free to use and carry. It is very handy and compact to carry it everywhere and fits in your handbag easily. They have simple 4 steps to use: Shake, Spray, Wait, Use! Easy to carry and easy to use.

PeeSafe is an amazing life savior invention from REDCLIFFE HYGIENE to a void bacterial infections. You can use this product on the toilet seat, faucets, flush nobs. If you want to buy this click here

It is also available on amazon and flipkart.


  • Makeup pouch

I have a dedicated makeup pouch which fits inside my handbag with miniature items which I purchased just for travel. I usually keep a small tube of moisturizer, my favorite shade of lipstick, a kajal, a small comb, compact powder and a miniature perfume bottle. Idea behind the makeup pouch is to have it handy so that I can reach to it immediately when I need instead of digging through the bag for it.

  • Wipes and Diapers

When you head out with little one there can be poop accidents or they might spew up and it is always to be safe than sorry. I carry another pouch with disposable change mats, diaper bags, few diapers and wipes.



  • Baby water bottle

Baby water bottle is a must to keep them hydrated on the go. Be it a short trip to a store or an hour travel. NEVER leave behind their water bottles as you have no clue when they get hiccups or thirsty. I use a straw bottle as it is easy for my little one to drink and wont hurt the gums during transit.


  • Hand sanitizer

With so many infections around it is very important to carry a hand sanitizer where ever you go, especially in public places like restaurant, public transport or a grocery store. Keeping bacterial infections at bay is a must. Make sure you clean their hands frequently when ever they are in contact with contaminated surface.


  • Book/activities

Kids are very restless especially when they are buckled up in a car seat with minimal movements, that calls for tantrums and crankiness. It is advisable to carry their favorite book or toys/activities along to keep them occupied and entertained till you finish your errands. I usually carry my little ones favorite board book with me packed in the bag. That keeps her busy for quite a long time.

  • Snacks

Kids are unpredictable as they can get hungry or sleepy any time in a day. To save your sanity, prepare for the worst and carry their favorite cookies or snacks along.

  • Wallet and phone

Lastly, the must have is your wallet and mobile phone. just grab them and you are good to head out tension free.

Though all these might seem like a lot of stuff, when you organize them in your handbag you will still have some space left. It is a hack to place your items in different accessible smaller pouches so that you can reach out to things you need easily.

What are your handbag essentials when you head out? You can let me know in the comment section below.

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