Celebrating my journey of motherhood


I am Mamatha Dilip, a BE graduate in Computer science. I worked as an associate software engineer for 2 years in a reputed company. At present I am a proud stay at home mom for a one year old little darling. I am originally from Bangalore, India but currently based in Chicago,Illinois.

Like every other person reading this, my life was just a monotonous ride (say work, home, repeat!) until a beautiful addition to my life, DIYA ( she was that new ray of light for both my husband and me).

Everyday was a new learning as a first time mom. Though am not a master of everything, I am here to just put forward my thoughts in words.

I will share about  baby care, fun activities for kids, food recipes for kids and few DIY projects so if I have to put it in one word ‘MOTHERHOOD’. This is what my blog ALL ABOUT MOMMYING is about.

I will share with you all my transition of a successful career woman into a mother. I hope you will walk along side me in my beautiful journey.

I would love to hear from you too. Drop in a message for collaborations, reviews or any suggestions.

Thanks a bunch y’all!