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Superbottoms: Let your little one create a style statement while diapering

Superbottoms: Let your little one create a style statement while diapering

Bored of the same prints on the disposable diapers your little one wears? Want to pair their colorful outfits with different diapers everyday? Then Superbottoms is your best bet.

Superbottoms has a wide range of brilliant colors which goes well with every outfit of your child. Be it a dress, tee or a skirt. That’s not it, this cloth diaper has quirky and funny prints like poopy face, gully cricket, baby talk and so on. They pep up any boring outfit and can make heads turn.

To be honest I was super curious to see pictures flooding on my timeline with ultra cute OTB (on the bum) pictures. I couldn’t resist and googled “super bottoms” and started getting to know their product. I was so happy to use it, for the prints they have. Though it is an one time investment, it’s worth every penny!

I placed an order for “Indian Motif” which was a combination of bright yellow and red with animal prints on it. This caught my eye because of the color as it can be paired up with any contrast color outfits.


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In the picture above she wore an Indian motif Superbottom CD with a Gymboree casual tee. LittleD flaunted this beauty like a boss. Her bum looked the cutest (x infinity).

Every outfit of hers got that extra bling because people noticed and came up to me asking where I got the cloth diaper from.



In the picture above she wore Indian motif CD with Carters tunic top like a dress without the trouser. The color stood out and this outfit looked beautiful on her.

Want to know more about Superbottoms?

Superbottoms is India’s first and only Tested and Certified Cloth Diaper brand (as per US standards). A reusable cloth diaper that provides in the goodness of cloth. It has a unique stay dry layer to keep the bum dry, and multiple layers of super absorbent cotton fabric to last overnight or for 7-8 hours. 


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Superbottoms plus All In One (AIO) cloth diaper provides customizable absorbency in three different levels. The same diaper can also be sized into 4 different sizes to fit babies from birth till they are potty trained. Below are few important features about the product.

  • Super trim crotch diapers.
  • High quality fabrics keeping baby’s comfort and skin in mind.
  • Super cute prints designed by in-house mom designers.
  • Brilliant All-Moms Support Team available on call / whatsapp always.


Where can you buy Superbottom cloth diaper?

Superbottoms website: https://www.superbottoms.com/


You can buy Superbottoms plus here: http://www.superbottoms.com/product-category/diapers-buy/superbottoms-plus-aio-heavy-absorbency/


A peek inside the box:

Superbottom came inside a beautiful cardboard package which again was quirky with baby picture on it displaying your cloth diaper print.

I loved it at the first look. Environment friendly and unique.

What came inside the box?

  1. The cloth diaper itself had a soaker attached
  2. An extra soaker.
  3. A manual about how to use and wash the cloth diaper.

Do I recommend?

Yes! Yes! I know it’s pricey but it’s worth every penny you spend as it is reusable and washable. Disposable diapers are prone to rashes but cloth diapers are easy on baby skin and useful on a long run. You will never regret for this decision.

If you have more questions get in touch with Superbottoms, they will be happy to help.

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKca2JHmZ8t791AEZttvsXg

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/superbottoms/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/superbottoms/

Are you a cloth diapering parent? How was your experience? Do let me know your views in the comments section below.

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