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Zoctr: Get The Care You Deserve In The Comfort Of Your Home By Just One Touch

Zoctr: Get The Care You Deserve In The Comfort Of Your Home By Just One Touch

We never know when we will be in need of medical assistance as life is always unpredictable. There might be a situation where you are alone and helpless or you would have gone out on a vacation to another city and you are clueless about nearby hospitals. Doesn’t this sound daunting? Keeping this in mind a benevolent product came to life and that is Zoctr, India’s #1 Home Health app.

Zoctr provides you with home health services at your doorstep with the Zoctr App at just one click. All you have to do is install their app in Google store or iOS app store and it automatically picks your location using the accurate GPS location services and TA-DA you can book your required medical assistance online in just one touch. Blink of an eye the services will be at your doorstep to serve you.

Below are the services they provide:

  •  Book qualified, skilled and verified Homecare Nurses, Attendants, Doctors, Physiotherapists and Medical Equipment in a few simple steps.
  •  Find your location using in-built GPS and instantly match with hundred of verified medical professionals meeting your requirements.
  •  Get real-time confirmations with detailed staff profiles.
  •  Schedule Patient Assessment and Screening Visits on the go.
  •  Manage your Bookings including Renew, Hold and Stop bookings on the go.
  •  Save and manage multiple patient profiles for self and family members.
  •  Track staff real-time on a daily basis using in-built GPS tracking.
  •  Provide daily staff attendance, rating, escalate issues immediately using support.
  •  Make online payments using payment gateway and digital wallets.

How to Install Zoctr?

Installing the app is very easy and simple. All you need to do is install the app on your phone:

Android Users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoctr.app

iOS Users: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/zoctr/id1300329641?mt=8b


Below is the welcome page of the app:


Enter your available and active India phone number and login.

You need to give an input if your a Patient or a Staff


It picks your location immediately and accurately using the GPS location services.



Pick the desired health service you are in need of:

  1. Nurse
  2. Baby care
  3. Doctor
  4. Physiotherapy
  5. Equipments

Give the required date and time for the service and you are good to go.


Just click on Book and wait for them to ring your doorbell. This is a 24×7 assistance for people in need, at any point of time in a day.

Zoctr is a one of kind app who strive for peoples service. It is available in all major cities of India and their main focus is to provide home health care service efficiently in just a click away.

So what are you waiting for?


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